July 28, 2014

Alumni Profile: Sara Kettler BA ’08

Meet Sara Kettler BA ’08, a paralegal and former member of the women’s basketball team.
Sara Kettler BA ’08

Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Dana Point, California

What made you choose Lewis & Clark?

It was the most beautiful place I had ever laid eyes on.

What was your favorite class at Lewis & Clark?

Oh man, it has got to be Environmental Philosophy with Associate Professor of Philosophy Jay Odenbaugh. Asking questions—like if it’s morally wrong to walk on grass—is something that I will never forget. I hope I never stop asking questions like that.

Where do you live now?

I live on the boardwalk in Mission Beach (San Diego, California).

What are you doing now?

I’m a paralegal for a worker’s compensation defense firm, but I’m looking to get back into sustainability. I’m taking creative writing classes through University of California at Los Angeles and am training for my first triathlon.

Who or what was your greatest resource at Lewis & Clark when it came to finding your current career?

Sports and my teammates…without either of them, I cringe to think where I might be right now.

How did basketball influence your college experience?

Basketball will always be a challenging game, which holds some of my fondest memories with some of the best friends and smartest coaches I’ve ever had. I wanted to quit my freshman year because of how difficult it was to balance everything. That would have been one of my biggest regrets.

What other cool things have you done since graduating?

I went to Japan, Costa Rica, and Mexico (multiple times). I led environmental programs and disaster drills at a hospital for four years. I saw both of my siblings get married and was in the labor and delivery room while my sister had her baby. I got my 100-year-old grandmother to play the piano.

What is your most memorable on-the-court moment?

Senior game, when the fans started chanting “Kettler.” The best dreams in the world are made out of moments like that.

How do you think you changed as a person from your first day at L&C to your last?

I certainly didn’t dress any better, but I was a lot more confident and was an all-around stronger person. Lewis & Clark helped me break out of my shell.

Is there any advice you would give someone considering going to L&C?

Enjoy it. It’s magical.

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