October 16, 2009

New professor, expert on terrorism law, settles in at law school

Tung Yin, a new professor at Lewis & Clark Law School, is an expert on terrorism law. Learn more about his work as an attorney, an academic, and a blogger.

From the moment he stepped foot on the Lewis & Clark Law School campus to participate in a conference in fall 2007, Professor Tung Yin knew he wanted to teach here. Yin kept his eye on the law school and, two years later, his persistence paid off when he accepted a position teaching law here.

He built a career in white-collar criminal defense before moving into academia at the University of Iowa College of Law. Since then, Yin’s scholarly work has focused primarily on domestic legal issues arising out of the United States’ military and prosecutorial responses to the 9/11 attacks. He has examined such matters as the jurisdiction of the federal courts to entertain habeas petitions by Guantanamo Bay detainees, the theory of unilateral executive branch war powers, and the potential constitutional rights available to alien detainees outside of the country.

The Lewis & Clark Law School tide turned for Yin when law professor John Kroger won the election for Oregon Attorney General. Not only did Yin fill the vacancy created by Kroger’s departure, he moved into his old office. This academic year, he’s focused on teaching courses on criminal procedure, police investigation and national security.

Listen to Yin discuss his life in academia and research on the war on terror (mp3).

Listen to Yin discuss his previous career as a white-collar criminal defense attorney (mp3).

Listen to Yin discuss life as a blogger (mp3).