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Updates to sexual misconduct and other policies

August 19, 2014

The College has updated and instituted several campus policies in recent months. Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit the policies page on the Human Resources website to review the new and revised policies.

Among them is an updated sexual misconduct policy. To comply with new federal legislation, the College has revised the policy to spell out, among other matters, the obligation of campus community members to report instances of sexual violence when they become aware of them. The policy requires that most college employees, including faculty, report to the Title IX Officer (the Provost) any information they receive from a student regarding sexual harassment, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence or stalking.  Limited exceptions to disclosure exist for health and counseling staff, sexual assault response advocates, clergy and the ombudsperson. 

Also, Executive Council has approved a new policy to align campus practices with Oregon state law in the area of recording conversations. The law stipulates that any community members intending to record a meeting or other conversation must inform other participants. There are special provisions in the policy for recordings of classes by students, so please review it carefully.

Also included on the page are new or updated policies on:

Coming in the near future is a significantly revised policy on hate- and bias-motivated conduct, which is being addressed by a task force headed by Law School Professor Janet Steverson, chair of diversity and inclusion.


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