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Changing the Vertical Photostrip

Any group at Lewis & Clark can have a customized vertical photostrip. Ideally these banners represent the goals and tenor of your site in particular and of Lewis & Clark as a whole in general.

Just send us 10 or so images that we at New Media can use to build into your new photostrip. While we will work with Amy Drill, the Public Affairs and Communications art director, to ensure that the photos meet copyright and license requirements, please send photos that you think Lewis & Clark has the right to use (not, say, things you got off of a Google images search). The photos should be original, unedited quality to preserve sharpness, with 800-1000 pixels as the minimum width, 72 dpi minimum resolution.

Alternately, if you do not have images, you can find them in the Public Affairs and Communications image library.  See this page for more information on it, especially the paragraph at the bottom titled, “Availability”.


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If you have questions about this or any other topic related to your work on the Lewis & Clark website, we want to hear from you! 

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