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Crafters’ Collective gives students community through personal projects

October 03, 2014

  • Photo by Lacey Jacoby ’16

By Lacey Jacoby ’16

For students feeling stressed by their academic schedules, the Rusty Nail Student Co-op may have the perfect solution. Led by Lauren Scott ’16, the Crafters’ Collective provides a time and space for students to come together to work on personal (crafty) projects.

“During the semester, I usually don’t leave a lot of time to do things I really enjoy,” Scott said. “A lot of the projects I start over the summer or over winter break fall flat once school starts.”

Students have expressed interest in creating zines, collaging, sewing, and printmaking. By joining others who possess various skills and interests, students can educate and inspire each other in an informal environment.

“I really value working on things with other people. That’s when I learn the most new skills,” Scott said.

Scott also hopes that students will sell their projects in the Rusty Nail’s monthly DIY Bazaar or share them during the co-op’s art shows. At the end of the semester, participants will work together to create a booklet that features an instructional how-to on each person’s craft. As the Crafters’ Collective grows, the Rusty Nail plans to expand its “Craft Corner,” as well. By building a crafter’s toolbox, more students will have access to this opportunity for creativity and relaxation.

In addition to the Crafters’ Collective, the Rusty Nail also plans to restart their weekly skill shares. More structured than the Crafters’ Collective, skill shares allow students to come and learn a craft from a student or someone from the greater Portland community.

“[These activities are] for everyone, especially people who just want to be creative and make a time for that in their crazy academic life,” Scott explained. “You don’t need to be a creative person to come….I think it’s really valuable to be in a community, especially an artistic and creative community, because everyone’s ideas and artistic energies feed off of each other.”

A version of this article originally appeared in the Pioneer Log.

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