In Memoriam

Honoring alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who have recently passed.


Barbara J. Frederick Calder BS ’47, February 10, 2014, age 87.

Lee Huston BS ’47, October 19, 2013, age 90.

Dale M. Holm BS ’49, November 19, 2012, age 88.

Coy D. Wiley BS ’49, May 16, 2012, age 88.


Dale C. Burklund BS ’50, M.E. ’50, May 31, 2013, age 89. A member of the Lewis & Clark basketball and baseball teams, Burklund taught at Portland’s Parkrose High School before moving to California. He received his PhD in counseling and guidance from Stanford University in 1959. He was the director of counseling and guidance at Santa Clara County’s Office of Education for more than 30 years. Dale was married to Margaret French Burklund BS ’48.

Carl Partanen BA ’50, February 4, 2014, age 92.

William E. Leach BS ’51, March 2, 2014, age 85.

James R. Moon BA ’51, M.E. ’58, December 16, 2013, age 86.

George L. Morse BS ’51, October 19, 2013, age 86.

Elden G. Stender BS ’51, April 24, 2014, age 84.

The Honorable Darrell J. Williams JD ’51, April 9, 2014, age 92. Williams graduated from Beaverton High School, where he played baseball and trumpet. He formed and led a dance band in the Portland area until he enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1941. He went on to attend the University of Portland. Following law school, Williams began his practice in the Dallas, Oregon, office of Salem Title Company before establishing a private practice. He served as a justice of the peace for Polk County until 1959, when he was appointed to a newly created circuit court position for Polk and Yamhill Counties. He served as a circuit court judge for 27 years before retiring in 1986. Williams is survived by his wife of 71 years, Florence; two sons; a daughter; 10 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

William J. Gibbon BS ’52, April 1, 2014, age 86.

Donna Lee Young Gilmour ’52, October 11, 2013, age 82.

Stanley R. McGrath BS ’52, March 21, 2013, age 83.

Richard K. Metzler BA ’52, January 21, 2014, age 83.

Elizabeth M. Kennington Nance BA ’52, May 16, 2013, age 95.

James R. Sandvig BS ’52, January 29, 2014, age 88.

Marcia L. Bement BS ’53, March 30, 2014, age 82.

Audre M. Butler BS ’53, April 22, 2014, age 71.

Gerald W. Ness BS ’54, May 14, 2014, age 90.

Harold W. Copple BS ’55, March 26, 2012, age 81.

David Campbell Etter BS ’55, August, 18, 2013, age 79.

Hal Swafford BS ’55, MAT. ’75, October 15, 2013, age 87.

Jane R. Copenhagen CAS ’56, April 22, 2014, age 81.

Roger A. Hanson BA ’56, M.M. ’58, July 29, 2012, age 78.

Thomas Andrew Kennedy JD ’57, April 19, 2014, age 92, in Portland following a stroke. Kennedy attended Eastern Oregon College of Education until his studies were interrupted by World War II. Following the war, he continued his service in the Naval Reserves, retiring as a lieutenant commander in 1969. Kennedy completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon and attended law school while working for Standard Oil. He was admitted to the bar in 1957 and began his legal career in private practice before moving to the Portland City Attorney’s Office. In 1963, he joined the Office of the Regional Solicitor for the U.S. Department of the Interior. He retired in 1987. In 1961, Kennedy married Dorothy Saunders, with whom he spent 53 years. They raised two children, David and Susan. He enjoyed mountaineering and hiking as a member of the Mazamas, and skied and cycled well into his 80s. Kennedy is survived by his wife, two children, and three grandchildren.

Stanley O’Donald Torgrimson JD ’57, June 17, 2014, on his 88th birthday. Torgrimson served in the Marine Corps and was a proud World War II veteran. He went on to become an assistant district attorney for the city of Portland. In 1951, he married Lucille Sterling, who was by his side for 48 years as they raised their two daughters. An avid sportsman, Torgrimson spent his vacations hunting and fishing. An animal lover, he would take in strays and nurse them back to health. He loved to read, especially tales by Garrison Keillor and Patrick McManus. Torgrimsom is survived by his daughters, Pamela and Patricia; a grandson; and a brother.

Duane Howard Cushman BS ’58, April 11, 2014, age 85.

Savas Joannides BS ’58, January 7, 2013, age 86.

Herman Spalinger BS ’58, January 27, 2014, age 77.


Dorothy M. Elhart BS ’60, August 21, 2012, age 82.

Donald R. Renfro BS ’60, March 9, 2014, age 82.

Gordon Ernest Alberti BS ’62, February 6, 2014, age 73, in Bothell, Washington, from complications due to Parkinson’s disease. A mathematics major and member of the Pioneers baseball team, Alberti was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force from 1962 to 1966 and served as a Titan II missile launch officer. A Chartered Life Underwriter, Alberti spent the majority of his professional life as a health and life insurance agent in the Seattle area. He served on the Lewis & Clark College Board of Alumni. He is survived by wife Mary Lou; daughter Susan Kenny; sister Dawn Alberti McNannay BS ’71; and two grandchildren. He is predeceased by a sister, Carol Alberti BS ’64.

Leo Charles Sherry Jr. JD ’64, April 13, 2014, age 86, after a long illness. Sherry earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Portland and was a longtime attorney and CPA in Portland. He was active in the Catholic Church and a variety of charitable causes. Sherry is survived by his wife of 56 years, Nancy; sons Joe and John; daughters Katy, Ann, and Jean; one brother; and six grandchildren.

Neil D. Webber BS ’64, April 19, 2014, age 73.

William Barrows JD ’65, April 7, 2014, age 86. Barrows spent his entire career at the Oregon Legislative Fiscal Department. After retiring, he and his wife traveled full time in their motor home for nearly 18 years before settling back in Portland 11 years ago. William is survived by his wife of 59 years, Flora; daughter Margarett; sons Tom and Richard; and two granddaughters.

Randolph C. Martin BS ’66, July 22, 2013, age 69.

Jerry E. “Bronc” Butler JD ’68, May 1, 2014, age 90. When Butler was 4, his family moved to Southern California, where he encountered Hollywood. His portrait was used in a James Cagney movie to represent a young version of the star, and Butler himself appeared in a Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movie. The family later moved to Coquille, Oregon, where they operated a sawmill. In the summers, Butler traveled to Wyoming to buck hay and work with his uncles on a ranch. Butler attended the University of Oregon and played football. He served as a nose gunner in the Pacific during World War II. While stationed with the Army Air Corps in Tucson, Arizona, he met Gloria Brena. They married August 25, 1946, in New Mexico. The couple moved to Oregon following his discharge from the service. Butler earned a master’s degree in education from Linfield College and taught in Stayton, Oregon, in 1950. He changed careers in 1953, becoming the personnel manager for the Stayton Canning Company. His responsibilities grew with the company. He retired from NORPAC Foods after 35 years as director of labor and public affairs, where labor negotiations and lobbying were his passions. He earned his law degree in 1968. He was the business representative on the Employment Board of Appeals for 18 years and served on the boards of Associated Oregon Industries, Northwest Food Processors’ Association, and Oregonians for Food and Shelter. He was also a recipient of the Stayton First Citizen Award. Survivors include wife Gloria; children Darrel and Lisa; five grandchildren; and five great-grandsons.


Annabeth “AB” Parker Jamieson-Weldon CAS ’70, MAT. ’00, January 5, 2014, age 65.

Dale Neel ’72, September 15, 2011, age 61.

Marguerite “Rita” Clare Patterson BA ’72, November 15, 2012, age 62.

Barrie M. Lane BS ’73, February 28, 2014, age 63.

Timothy Lillebo BS ’74, February 8, 2014, age 61, after shoveling snow at his home near Bend, Oregon. Lillebo, a longtime staff member of Oregon Wild, worked as an advocate for Oregon’s forests.

Kenneth M. Taylor BA ’74, June 3, 2013, age 61.

Gordon B. “G.B.” Anderson Jr. JD ’76, February 13, 2014, after a seven-year battle with multiple myeloma. Anderson attended Bellevue High School in Washington, where he became the first-chair clarinetist and had his own Dixieland band. Anderson went on to play jazz clarinet, which became a beloved hobby. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Washington State University in 1965. Anderson specialized in criminal defense and personal injury law, practicing in the greater Seattle area for 35 years. He had a passion for American history and he left his library as his legacy. Survivors include wife Kathleen; daughters Betsy and Bonnie; and four brothers.

William Richard “Dick” Cooley JD ’76, February 22, 2014, age 66, from complications during heart surgery. Cooley attended Harvard University from 1966 to 1968, returning home to complete his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon. He earned his JD while spending time camping, waterskiing, hiking, and generally having fun with a close-knit group of friends. As a young man, he worked for Cooley Construction, his father’s homebuilding business, which inspired a lifelong career in real estate development. He left the family business for several years to work for United Homes and Pacific Development before returning to run his family’s real estate investment company. Cooley served on the Portland Homebuilders Board and the Multnomah County Planning Commission. He also chaired the Portland Planning Commission and the Portland Streetcar Board. Survivors include his wife, Leslie Anne Howell; children Alexander and Sarah; three siblings; and his beloved dog, Sasha.

James Markham BS ’78, August 22, 2013, age 67.

Neela Chevli BA ’79, September 14, 2013, age 55, in Naples, Florida, of lung disease complicated by a recent stroke. Chevli earned a master’s degree in library science from Syracuse University. She was married to Joel Feldman, and for many years, they sailed throughout North and South America. During a hurricane while in San Martin, Joel was lost at sea. Chevli then moved to Naples. Since 2000, she had worked at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she was coordinator of telecommunications. Her organizational skills, kindness, boundless good humor, love of people, and loyalty to them created a large network of caring colleagues. Survivors include her father, Naren Chevli; her mother, Marilyn Keith Chevli; her stepmother, Renate Chevli, M.D.; a sister; and her companion of the last seven years, David Fox.


Donovan Paul King BA ’81, March 28, 2014, age 55.

Karen Ruth Henderson BA ’89, April 27, 2014, age 47.


Keri Lynn Rose BA ’06, April 21, 2014, age 42.


Natasha C. Priess BA ’12, April 5, 2014, age 24. Priess, a history and political science major, was the author of The Verge of Darkness, a World War II novel, and an accomplished academic. She interned for the U.S. Department of Justice/FBI and planned to write her master’s thesis at Fordham University on the role of organized crime in the American war effort during World War II. Her thesis brought together two topics that fascinated her: crime and war. She died just two months before her planned move to New York City. She was also a valued member of the Lewis & Clark community and a friend to many students and faculty. Susannah White, her mother, has established the Natasha C. Priess ’12 Memorial Annual Scholarship to honor her daughter and benefit an undergraduate history major. Please contact if you wish to make a contribution in Priess’ memory.