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Davis United World College Scholars

October 22, 2009

Dear Lewis & Clark Community,

Thank you for joining us on October 12th as we honored Shelby and Gale Davis and our thirty-one Davis United World College Scholars from around the world. It was a fun and inspiring event that showcased the academic and personal quality of our Davis Scholars and the largess and generosity of the Davis family.

I was particularly pleased to see such broad-based support for the Davis UWC Scholars Program. There were representatives from a wide range of departments, offices and services, which is an indication of the broad impact our Scholars have made on the Lewis & Clark community.

Our Davis Scholars were very pleased with the event. They enjoyed meeting and talking with the Davises, whom they described as “charming, down-to-earth, humble, and incredibly generous.” Many of the Scholars acknowledged that the Davises had “changed our lives.” The Scholars also felt honored by the presence of their professors, fellow students, host families, and co-workers.” “We felt special,” they said.

For a week following the reception, I received unsolicited emails about the event. A professor of communication said of the student speeches, “ The Davis Scholars’ introductions and impact speeches were BRILLIANT.” A staff member stated, “The speakers were amazing…such variety, but all supporting the ideals and goals we would like to see exemplified in every person all around the world.”

With regard to the generosity of the Davises, a staff member stated, “I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to have changed the world in such a way as the Davises have.” A professor in the foreign languages department expressed the impact of the event in his way, “I really enjoyed the Davis UWC Scholars reception. It was such a joy to meet Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Davis and to know more about their good work. The experience renewed my commitment to education.”


Greg Caldwell