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Hawthornden Castle Awaits Dr. Pauls Toutonghi

November 07, 2014

  • Associate Professor of English, Pauls Toutonghi

In April 2015 one will be able to find Associate Professor of English Pauls Toutonghi at a particularly beautiful and exotic location—a castle in Scotland. As the recipient of a prestigious fellowship at the International Retreat for Writers at Hawthornden Castle, Dr. Toutonghi will spend four weeks in residency, working on his next book, The Lost OceanThe Lost Ocean follows seventy years in the life of a single Latvian family displaced by the Second World War and subsequently scattered around the globe.

The Castle Writers Retreat was founded in 1982 to provide a peaceful setting where creative, published writers can work without disturbance. As a result of the competitive selection process, just five writers, known as Hawthornden Fellows, are in residence at one time. 

(November 2014) 

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Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance Office (SPARC)

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