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New faces, new titles, and a few farewells

November 14, 2014

  • David Oehler '14 and Charlotte Markle '15

Earlier this semester, following the departure of Public Relations and Communications Specialist Michelle Van Orsow, David Oehler became the new office administrator for Public Affairs and Communications. What does this mean for you? Read on, and learn, because we asked him.

Who’s this David person?

I studied English at Lewis & Clark and graduated in 2014. I love to read, play video games, and act strangely. You might have seen me teetering about campus from time to time, a light layer of ice coating the top of my head. *

How’d you get this gig?

I worked as a student for my predecessor, Michelle, and when she decided to have a baby, she asked me back to help cover her absence. Then, well, she decided she wasn’t coming back. I really loved working here part-time, so I figured I could handle the real deal. I applied for the position, and here I am.

What do you do, exactly?

I’m the PubCom guy. If you have a question to do with our office, give me a call at x7970. I basically keep the office ticking; I make sure people know the things they need to know to keep our department on track.

You can call me with any questions you have that you don’t know where else to direct. I’m the pipeline for a lot of general “PubCommy” things such as:



Public Relations

Social Media

Branding/Visual Identity


Event Promotion

The Source

One of my main jobs is managing the stationery system. If you need envelopes, letterhead, business cards, or just information about those or any other stationery-related thing, call me! I also process orders for fancier note cards for more special occasions and Lewis & Clark logo lapel pins for those seeking to represent the institution in style. Check out our webpage!

Anything else you want to say?

I’m so grateful to have gotten such a wonderful job so soon after graduating from college. Lewis & Clark is full of awesome, supportive folks, and I’m really proud to work here. You all rock!

*Editor’s Note: David Oehler is 6’6” tall.

The following staff members are either new to campus or have a new job title:

Meghan Acker, stewardship coordinator, Institutional Advancement; Sarah Baggs, administrative coordinator, Educational Leadership and Graduate Registrar’s Office; Adrienne Barnett, web developer, Law Academic Affairs; Alec Barrett, lab coordinator, Department of Biology; Joe Becker, executive director, Public Affairs and Communications; Jean Cardoso, development assistant, Institutional Advancement; Miranda Carney-Morris, director of educational technology, Information Technology; David Carter, director of financial and administrative services, Law Business Services; David Crandall, general maintenance worker, Law Facilities Services; Brian Cutler, consultant, Information Technology; Darcie Esch, data and reporting analyst, Institutional Advancement; Gina Franzosa, director of project management, Facilities Services; Tera Hoffman, staff counselor and psychologist, Counseling Service; Hillary Howarth, staff counselor and psychologist,Counseling Service; Clark Ide, building maintenance manager, Facilities Services; William Lawton, staff attorney for Green Energy Institute, Environmental and Natural Resources Law; Steven McCurry, service desk manager, Information Technology; Ryan Montgomery, computing services manager, Law Academic Affairs; David Oehler, administrative coordinator, Public Affairs and Communications; Richard Peterson, head of access services and integrated library system coordinator, Watzek Library; Elliott Reinlein, maintenance engineer, Facilities Services; Angela Torretta, senior associate director, Alumni and Parent Programs; and Elizabeth Young, director of project management, Information Technology.

The following people have left Lewis & Clark. Here’s wishing them good luck in their new adventures:

Kari Baxter, program coordinator, Business Law Programs; Tim Beecher, clinical coordinator and staff psychologist, Counseling Service; Natasha Begin, area director, Campus Living; Tricia Brand, associate dean of student engagement, Multicultural Affairs; John Broxton, customer service, transcript, and verifications specialist, CAS Registrar’s Office; Linda Dunne, acquisitions specialist, Watzek Library; Carolyn Greenshields, global and diversity initiatives fellow, Law School; Pamela Juranas, stewardship coordinator, Institutional Advancement; Tom Krattenmaker, associate vice president for Public Affairs and Communications; Michael Iannantuano, electrical and mechanical supervisor, Facilities Services; Christine Malinowski, science and data services librarian, Watzek Library; Melody Mulkey, director of advancement services, Institutional Advancement; Jonathan Puthoff, postdoctoral research associate, Department of Biology; Kathryn Schmidt, events specialist, Law Facilities; Julia Unangst, director of summer sessions; and Nikki Williams, access services and technology specialist, Watzek Library.

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