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Fifty-seven staff honored for years of service

January 26, 2015

  • Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life Mark Duntley (age 34) and Professor Emeritus of Christian Studies Paul S. Wright (age 94). Photo was taken during Duntley's first year at Lewis & Clark. Wright died in 1994 and his estate provided the money for the Paul S. Wright Chair of Christian Studies that Professor Rob Kugler holds now.)

This year’s staff recognition lunch was held on Friday, January 23, and honored 57 staff members for their years of service and dedication to Lewis & Clark.

“I can’t believe they let me stay here this long,” Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Martha Spence said when asked about her 30-year tenure at the law school. “I’ve loved working here—and what keeps anybody going in an academic institution is that the students change, we get new courses, new ideas come forward, and you’re always getting to deal with something new, and that keeps it interesting. I almost hope you don’t publish this because somebody might notice I’m still here.”

Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life Mark Duntley, Senior Associate Athletic Director Mark Pietrok, and Administrative Coordinator for Foreign Languages and Literatures Maarit Reed all celebrated 25 years of service.

“It’s been a fabulous journey,” Pietrok said. “I’ve been fortunate to work with great students, staff, and faculty.  I got a great job offer just after my first year, but decided at the last minute not to take it—and here I am 25 years later. It’s just a great place to come to work every day.”

“We all know the adage ‘time flies when you are having fun’,” Duntley said. “I truly enjoy what I get to do, especially my work with students and colleagues. My position is a unique one on campus, and I find great satisfaction in facilitating spiritual exploration and growth and in helping others during life transitions and times of great joy and deep sadness. I feel blessed to have our wonderful Agnes Flanagan Chapel as my home base, and I continue to delight in the addition of our Diane Gregg pavilion. When I first arrived as a 33 year old, I’m not sure I could have imagined staying here 25 years. Now, it all seems providential, and my heart is full of gratitude for this remarkable journey at Lewis & Clark that continues to enrich and fulfill my life.”

The staff recognition luncheon celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to following honorees:

One honored for 30 years of serviceMartha Spence, associate dean for academic affairs, Law School.

Three honored for 25 years of service: Mark Duntley, dean of religious and spiritual life, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life; Mark Pietrok, senior associate athletic director, Physical Education and Athletics; and Maarit Reed, administrative coordinator, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Six honored for 20 years of service: Terri Banasek, executive assistant, Office of the Dean of the College; Libby Davis, associate dean of career and professional development and alumni relations, Law Career and Professional Development Center; Seneca Gray, registrar, Law School; Carolyn Locke, administrative specialist, International Students and Scholars; Karin Dobbins Sherer, associate dean of admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; and Janice Weis, associate dean and director of environmental and natural resources law, Law School.

Fourteen honored for 15 years of service: Sean Bishop, general maintenance, Facilities Services; MaryJo Cheek, network and client services engineer, Law Computing Services; Doreen Corwin, director of faculty services, Dean of Law Faculty’s Office; Justin Counts, educational technology specialist, Information Technology; Anastacia Dillon, director of financial aid, Office of Financial Aid; Susan Mako, loan and account specialist, Student and Departmental Account Services; Robert Nayer, director of operating and capital budgets, Office of Business and Finance; Arlen Nishida, campus safety officer, Campus Safety; Erika Quiggins, associate dean of admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Reginald Raiford, general maintenance, Law Facilities Services; Marjorie Reedy, administrative assistant for admissions, College of Arts and Sciences; Patrick Ryall, director of IT operations, Information Technology; Carolin Thompson, office manager, Legal Clinic; and Jerry Vandecoevering, groundskeeper, Facilities Services.

Fifteen honored for 10 years of service: Steven Greig, campus safety officer, Campus Safety; Karen Fobert, associate director of student financial services, Office of Financial Aid; Dinari Foreman, head men’s basketball coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; John Holzwarth, director of the writing center, Writing Center; Diana Mann, externship program assistant, Law Career and Professional Development Center; Juleen McGonigal, administrative coordinator, Counseling Psychology; Joanie O’Brien, administrative specialist, Graduate Registrar’s Office; Melissa Osmond,associate director, Health Promotion and Wellness; Rosslyn Nayer, administrative coordinator, Provost’s Office; Kate Rubick, instruction services librarian, Watzek Library; Diane Semet, administrative assistant, Graduate Registrar’s Office; Karen Swan, database specialist, Institutional Advancement; Linda Thompson, events audio-visual coordinator, Facilities Services; Robyn Ward, serials and electronic resources specialist, Watzek Library; and Keith Woodard, director of track and field, cross country, and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics.

Eighteen honored for 5 years of service: Stephanie Beene, visual resources coordinator, Watzek Library; Robert Booth, instructional media services support specialist, Information Technology; Samantha Cikara, administrative assistant, Graduate Admissions Office; Shawna Cyrus, head of women’s softball coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Isaac Dixon, associate vice president and director of human resources, Human Resources; Nick Elliott, application developer and analyst, Information Technology; Kenneth Gaine, lead maintenance engineer, Facilities Services; Toni Holloway, prospect research analyst, Institutional Advancement; Sarah Leclair, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Kristian Martin, sports information director, Physical Education and Athletics; Stefanie Mastic, administrative coordinator, Graduate Business Services; Alexander Neu, circulation manager, Boley Library; Sue Page, legal assistant 1, Law School; Tim Putnam, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Alina Resendez, educational loan specialist, Office of Financial Aid; Debra Richman, administrative coordinator, Department of English; Lawrence Siulagi, communications specialist, Public Affairs and Communications; and Alison Wilkinson, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute.