March 18, 2015

Future Pioneers

Incoming members of the Class of 2019 share what attracted them to Lewis & Clark.

Lewis & Clark students represent the next generation of global thinkers and leaders. No one student here is typical, so we asked five future Pioneers to tell us their stories and share why they will be attending Lewis & Clark this fall.

Chris Madkins

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Interest: Sociology and Anthropology

When I visited campus and attended classes, it reminded me of my high school, which is small, progressive, and committed to social justice. I like that the professor said to call her by her first name, and that it was easy to connect with her. I also liked Lewis & Clark’s commitment to bringing diversity to campus. They wanted the minority students here to connect with each other. This experience definitely shaped my decision to come here.

Maggie Coit

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Interests: International Affairs, Pre-Med

One thing that resonated with me in the application process was a conversation during my interview. I asked, “If Lewis & Clark were a person, how would you describe its personality?” My interviewer replied, “endearingly quirky.” I think this perfectly describes the people I have met at Lewis & Clark—and frankly, how I think of my best friends, and of myself. When I heard this, I knew I would feel at home here.

Ryan Kainoa Cook

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Interests: Biology, Environmental Studies

When I visited campus I met with Janis Lochner—who was my mother’s biology professor when she attended Lewis & Clark—and was able to learn about what the school offered. She spoke very highly of the Environmental Studies Program and the science departments as a whole. I also like that Lewis & Clark focuses on the liberal arts.

Asha Hart

Hometown: Surprise, Arizona
Interests: Environmental Studies, Volleyball

After looking at numerous colleges and universities—everything from big Division I schools to small Division III ones—I realized I wanted a more personal education experience where my thinking could be challenged. When I met with volleyball coach Stacie Matz, it became obvious I wouldn’t be just a number here. Her personality, coaching philosophy, and exuberance about Lewis & Clark made this place seem unique. I’m thrilled to become a Pioneer and represent Lewis & Clark volleyball.

J’juan White

Hometown: Sparks, Nevada
Interest: History

I chose Lewis & Clark for the great academics, beautiful campus, and vibrant life in Portland. Lewis & Clark set itself apart from other colleges during the application process by asking more about my interests than about what I was expected to achieve while in school. I’m most excited about the change in culture from Sparks to Portland, and campus life in general.


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