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President announces Student Engagement Scholarship winners

April 20, 2015

President Barry Glassner has announced the winners of the President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement: Lewis & Clark sophomores Mariah Bellamoroso, Spencer Mackey, Ajna Weaver, and Andrew Williamson. 

“In a brief amount of time at Lewis & Clark, these students have built an impressive set of accomplishments,” said President Glassner. “Moreover, their intense academic engagement takes full advantage of and spans the liberal arts curriculum. They set a great example.”

Upon receiving the award, Drew Williamson said to Glassner, “What an honor to have been chosen for this scholarship! I credit this institution for helping me not only reinvent myself, but inspiring me to do more and better for both myself and the college community.”

Launched in 2012, the student engagement scholarship provides $5,000 to students with sophomore standing for use in their junior year. It is renewable for the senior year based on continued excellence.

A committee made up of faculty emeriti reviewed the applications and advised President Glassner in selecting the awardees this year. The committee members were Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, French; Arleigh Dodson, chemistry; and Steven Hunt, communication.

The scholarship honors students for exemplary engagement with the liberal arts inside and outside the classroom. The award is meant to recognize students who are especially vigorous in their engagement with the full liberal arts experience and to encourage them in their continued devotion to that endeavor.

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