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Discrimination, Harassment, and Hate- or Bias-Motivated Conduct Policy approved

May 06, 2015

  • Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence Janet Steverson

Last week Executive Council unanimously approved Lewis & Clark’s new policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Hate- or Bias-Motivated Conduct. The culmination of more than a year of work by a committee chaired by Janet Steverson, the Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence at the Law School, the now-in-effect campuswide policy is designed to foster a safe and welcoming community.

“When appointing the bias-policy committee last year, I emphasized that Lewis & Clark is committed to being a campus where all are welcome,” President Glassner said. “The group was charged with furthering our efforts to provide all of our students with the best possible learning environment. Under Professor Steverson’s leadership, they have met and exceeded their charge. The comprehensive procedure and policy they crafted will help us to be a more diverse and inclusive community.”

“I’m grateful to everyone at Lewis & Clark who was involved in this process,” Steverson said. “We want people to feel free to speak, but at the same time to recognize that conduct and speech impacts others. You have the right as an adult to engage in conduct and to speak your mind, but with these rights come responsibilities. This policy is designed to make clear what those responsibilities are.”

Prior to its approval by Executive Council, the draft policy was presented for feedback to groups of students, staff, and faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Education, and Law School. The Discrimination, Harassment, and Hate or Bias Motivated Conduct Policy is part of an ongoing process to review and improve Lewis & Clark’s policies and procedures.

Bias-Policy Committee

Chaired by Professor Janet Steverson, the bias-policy committee included students, faculty, and staff from all three schools:

  • Anna Gonzalez, dean of students, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, associate professor of counseling, Graduate School of Education and Counseling
  • Alicia Kirkland, student, College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Diana Leonard, assistant professor of psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Liz Perez, student, Graduate School of Education and Counseling
  • Josh Volvovic, student, Law School
  • Jane Atkinson, vice president and provost, ex-officio
  • Isaac Dixon, associate vice president and director of human resources, ex-officio
  • David Ellis, vice president and general counsel, ex-officio

Diversity at Lewis & Clark

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