August 14, 2015

Transitions in the CAS Office of Admissions

The CAS Office of Admissions has been busy this summer with numerous staff transitions. See the new faces, new titles, and a few farewells.

The CAS Office of Admissions has been busy this summer with numerous staff transitions, the Dean for Enrollment and Communications Lisa Meyer announced last week.

After the departure of six employees—due to retirement and transitions to new roles on campus—the office is welcoming four new employees and is in the process of hiring two more.

“Please join me in congratulating both those who are leaving our office and those who are joining it as they venture into new experiences,” Meyer said. “We are grateful for the impactful ways that our former employees have benefited the college and are eager to continue that tradition with our new employees.”

Who is new to the Office of Admissions?

Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown also joins works as an Admissions Counselor. He graduated from Occidental College in 2013 and has been employed in public relations since that time.  While at Occidental, Jordan worked in the Office of Admission as a Senior Fellow, assisting with information sessions and conducting interviews. He embodies the benefits of a liberal arts education and will be a great representative for Lewis & Clark.


Hollie Elliott
Hollie Elliott will be joining the Office of Admissions as assistant dean in mid-August, where she previously worked for several years. Currently, she works in Lewis & Clark’s Office of Financial Aid. Lisa Meyer said she looks forward to welcoming Hollie back to admissions and to the office benefiting from her knowledge of the financial aid system. “She brings strategy, organization, and warmth to her work, and we know she will help us to enroll highly capable students,” Meyer said.

David Jenkins
David Jenkins recently joined the team as an Admissions Counselor. He graduated from Lewis & Clark in 2015. He was a student manager for Phonathon and served as an residence advisor. Lisa Meyer added, “His enthusiasm for Lewis & Clark is contagious, and we know he will be a warm and intelligent representative of the college.” 




Marily Quesnel
Marily Quesnel joined CAS Admissions this summer as the Associate Director for Admissions Systems. With her former experience in IT and IR, the admissions team is excited to have her join them and to bring her systems knowledge as well as her tremendous people skills to their office.

Who is leaving?

Lauren Brown
After completing her bachelor’s degree at Lewis & Clark and then working as an admissions counselor for five years, Lauren Brown has decided it is time for a transition in what she does. She is working out the details, but we hope to see her on campus and we know she will continue to be an ambassador for the College.

Emily Decker
After 30 years in the Office of Admissions (and a few before that as a Lewis & Clark student) Emily Decker has taken the position of senior associate director in the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs. 

Tina Gordon
After 14 years in the Office of Admission, Tina Gordon has decided it’s time to retire. Tina is eager to spend more time with her family and in her garden. She has also hinted at a desire to sleep in a little later in the morning!

Kade Peden
Kade Peden apparently missed his days as a student at Lewis & Clark and has decided to move back into the dorms as an area director for Campus Living. He will have the pleasure of continuing to work with the students he recruited this year, as well as with our continuing students.

Marjorie Reedy
After 16 years in the Office of Admissions, Marjorie Reedy has taken the position of Administrative Specialist in the CAS Dean’s Office. She assures us that she is still available to answer our questions (thank goodness!).

Janice Schermer
After more than 28 years in the Office of Admissions, Janice Schermer will be retiring. She is currently on vacation, but her last official day in the office will be September 8.