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Composting toilet coming to Lower Griswold

September 24, 2015

  • Building rendering

Those who have visited Huston Field or the Tennis Dome know the areas lack permanent restroom facilities. To address this issue, Facilities Services staff began looking into a low impact/green building option - a composting toilet. Under current state plumbing code, composting toilets are not allowed in commercial applications. Working with an undergraduate intern, Facilities collected information about commercial installations throughout the U.S. in preparation for a code appeal to the City. This research was continued by a law school student group as part of the Sustainability in Law and Business Seminar. These students along with our Sustainability Manager Amy Dvorak, successfully argued the composting toilet code appeal to the City’s Alternative Technology Advisory Committee. The case study will be used by several private and public sector partners for the Building Code review of the Reach Code (alternative or envelope-pushing technologies/building practices)  during the summer of 2016. The intent of this process will be to create a code guide to permit composting toilets throughout the state in all zones.

The composting toilet install is planned for September 24 through October 8. Please direct any construction questions to Gina Franzosa or process questions to Amy Dvorak.

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