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New gender-open restrooms in J.R. Howard Hall

September 28, 2015

As of Monday, September 28*, both first floor restrooms in J.R. Howard Hall will be gender open rather than being designated men’s/women’s. Students from the Queer Student Union led the charge for this change, facilitating community discussion and rallying administrative and logistical support. At the administrative level, Facilities and Student Life worked together to implement the conversion. Signs on the restrooms will indicate that they are gender open.

Concerned about safety and access for gender nonconforming students, faculty, and staff, college campuses nationwide are making the switch from gender-specific to gender-open restrooms. At Lewis & Clark, gender-open restrooms have been in place in residence halls for some time. The conversion of restrooms in a public space provides additional safe and accommodating spaces for everyone.

Editorial Note: Designated “All Gender” signs were hung outside of restrooms on the morning of Tuesday, September 29. We regret the error and any confusion this may have caused for our community.