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Top 6 helpful tools from Public Affairs and Communications

October 05, 2015

  • Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications Joe Becker
    Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications Joe Becker

Known around campus as PubCom, the Office of Public Affairs and Communications is a team of award-winning creative professionals who promote Lewis & Clark to key audiences—and who can help you reach the people who want to hear your Lewis & Clark stories.

Whether you’re working on a web or print project, making a presentation, reaching out through social media platforms, or writing about the institution, we’re here to help you.

Use the following tools to polish your presentations, enhance your emails, and punch up your overall communications efforts:

1. Presentation resources and PowerPoint templates

Download our templates that align with the visual identity of the institution. Along with the templates, you’ll find a few usage tips as well.

2. Events marketing guide

If you want to publicize a Lewis & Clark event, please refer to these at-a-glance tips to promote your on-campus event. You may also want to connect with our team for your various event-promotion needs:

3. Web and social media tools

Digital communications allow us to reach our audiences in so many ways. But it’s not always obvious or intuitive how to best use the the web and social media platforms. We’ve developed a number of resources on web and social media best practices, including guides to writing and editorial style. Whatever the medium, these resources will help you to put your best foot forward.

4. Lewis & Clark logo and visual branding guidelines

First impressions of Lewis & Clark are often shaped by the appearance of a brochure, website, piece of merchandise, invitation, poster, or other item. Consistency and clarity in the design of these materials help set a positive tone with prospective students, alumni, parents, donors, and friends. Please visit this page about visual identity for guidance in understanding our primary visual components.

5. Accessible archives

If you need to peruse past news, there are several places to look:

6. An open-door policy

While these tools can help you with your work, we don’t intend for you to go it alone! We want and need to hear from you about what’s working and what isn’t. And if you’re communicating with prospective students and families, alumni, donors, or public influencers, we should probably be working together closely. Please reach out to any one of us to get started. We’re an integrated team and will help you figure out the best way to accomplish your goals.