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Please add YOUR NAME to the “COMING OUT” Ad Project by Thursday, Oct. 8.

October 07, 2015

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The Department of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement in collaboration with the Queer Student Union are excited to host the 1st Annual 2015 LC “Coming Out” Ad project!

The  “Coming Out” ad will run in the October 16th Pio Log (school newspaper) and will celebrate the Out and Proud LGBTQIA+ and Allied* faculty and staff members of the Lewis & Clark College of Arts and Sciences Community.

The goal of this visibility project is to continue to foster an inclusive campus environment for all students, staff and faculty. Based on the feedback we received from students, this year’s pilot ad will only feature faculty and staff.

Thank you in advance for helping to make this campus a safe and more inclusive place for all the members of our community.

Sign up for the “Coming Out” ad

What will be included in the ad?
The heading of the ad will read, “We are your friends, mentors, professors, colleagues, administrators, co‐workers, and health care providers and we are Coming Out! We represent just a few of the talented and committed Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Allied+ individuals who call Lewis & Clark College home. We invite you to join us in celebrating Coming Out Week 2015!

The introduction will be followed by a “Coming Out List” that will include your name, title, and department. This year’s ad will only include staff and faculty.

I am not “out” to some of my family, friends, or co-workers. Is there another way for me to participate?
We recognize that many members of the LGBTQIA+ community are at different stages in the “Coming Out” process, that some members may be ‘stealth’ and some members may reject a ‘coming out’ paradigm, yet wish to be counted. We are providing the option to remain anonymous to those members of the community who still want to be represented in number, but not in name.

I don’t identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, can I still participate as a supportive member of the community?
Yes! We encourage all allies* to participate in the “Coming Out” ad and all other Coming Out Week activities!

How do I sign up to participate in the 2015 LC “Coming Out” Ad?
Please fill out the following form and submit it no later than Thursday, October 8th by 5:00pm.

The form is available here: 2015 LC “Coming Out” Ad

*An Ally to the LGBTQIA+ Community is defined as someone who doesn’t identify as LGBTQIA+, but is committed to actively learning about and advocating for/with the LGBTQIA+ community.