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October 16, 2015


At Lewis & Clark, we’ve long understood the value of having an international focus and community. Students can choose from more than 35 overseas study programs in 26 countries—including China, Cuba, India, Scotland, and Tanzania. More than half of our students take advantage of these transformative opportunities, which expand our internationally focused academic curriculum.

  • “Living in Chile gave me a whole new perspective on life and made me realize what a small portion of the globe I inhabit.” — Alex Grinberg ’14

  • “My experience in Russia influenced my choice of senior thesis topic: I explored the 2004 Ukranian Orange Revolution.” — Ana Frigo ’14

  • “It was so incredibly humbling to realize how different other parts of the world can be. My experience in Kenya and Tanzania taught me to take time to recognize the beauty in our world and the cultures that inhabit it.” — Megan McCaffrey ’15

  • “Being able to learn and practice archeology in Greece is valuable no matter what your major or interest. Getting in the dirt and learning about this world in a physical way is absolutely remarkable.” — Melanie Toth ’15

Students who study abroad learn firsthand about the history, culture, and contemporary issues of a region or country, often in parts of the world not reached by other schools. Seventy percent of our programs are based in countries outside Western Europe. These opportunities challenge students to understand the way people of their host country view the rest of the world, while gaining insights into their own culture.

Students and faculty recently studied the lava flows of Mount Fuji and undertook an archeological dig in central Italy. We also established an overseas study program in Cuba more than a decade before the U.S. embassy reopened.

For more student insights on studying abroad, check out L&C Around the World blog.

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