October 21, 2015

Class Notes–1960s

Class Notes–1960s


Arts & Sciences Reunion June 23−26, 2016

Class Correspondent: Roger Adams notes@lclark.edu

Brian Aldrich BA, who taught sociology for 40 years, has retired from Winona State University, which is part of the Minnesota State College and University System. His sons, Michael and Robert, both graduated from Winona State in May 2015. Aldrich’s research and publications were in the area of housing of squatters and others in developing countries.


Class Correspondent: Margi Crain Brown notes@lclark.edu

Sandra Osawa BA has released a new documentary titled Princess Angeline. The video explores the story of the Duwamish people and their unrecognized tribal status primarily through the life of Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle. Sandra and her husband, Yasu, have produced a 10-part series on American Indian issues for NBC; five documentaries for PBS; a one-hour television special on treaty rights called The Eighth Fire; plus over 50 videos for museums, tribes, and organizations. Sandy received Lewis & Clark’s Distinguished Alumna Award in 2009. For more information about Princess Angeline, visit upstreamvideos.com.


T. Wayne Harris B.M. taught music in public schools for 31 years until his retirement in 2001. He now enjoys having time to tackle various home projects and other activities. Jim Mitchelmore BS, who married Betty Patterson CAS ’66, began teaching social studies in Walla Walla, Washington, in 1965. Three years later, he moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he taught for another 30 years. During the course of his career, he coached track for a total of 47 years. He also did scorekeeping and statistics for more than 40 years. Mitchelmore has been active in music and has directed a choir for a number of years.


Arts & Sciences Reunion June 23−26, 2016

Class Correspondent C. Allen Neighorn BA notes@lclark.edu

John Venator BS shares that his home, Casa de los Venados, will be featured in an upcoming issue of Travel and Leisure magazine.


Class Correspondent: Michael Homan notes@lclark.edu