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What’s new from New Media?

November 12, 2015

  • Director of New Media Morgan Grether
    Director of New Media Morgan Grether
  • New Media dressed up as "Old Media" for the 2015 Halloween costume contest
    New Media dressed up as "Old Media" for the 2015 Halloween costume contest

The New Media team, led by Director Morgan Grether, manages LiveWhale—the content management system behind our website.

The following list offers a look at New Media’s recent and upcoming changes to the website and a valuable opportunity for LiveWhale users:

One-day, online LiveWhale user training

On December 2, LiveWhale will offer a one-day, online conference for users who want to “learn new stuff.” This is a fantastic professional development opportunity at a very reasonable price—and you’ll be able to experience it all right at your own workstation. In addition, the New Media team will offer follow up sessions for those who attend.

The conference is three days, but CMS users (that’s you!) need only register for day 1, on December 2. The cost is $99–however, if at least 10 users from L&C register, that price will drop by 40 percent to just under $60. Please let someone in New Media know if you do register so that they can follow up with you and invite you to any post-conference debriefs or trainings.

Register for the 2015 online LiveWhale conference

New Newsroom

New Media has revamped Lewis & Clark’s newsroom to make it easier for our various audiences to navigate and find our news with five distinct categories:

  • Headlines–Recent news from across campus
  • Honors–College rankings and accolades earned by students, faculty, and alumni
  • Magazine–Stories from the most recent issue of our alumni magazine The Chronicle
  • Athletics–A news feed directly from our Athletics website
  • Social–A curated list of our social media channels which include:

New Media office hours

New Media offers regular training sessions in the LiveWhale CMS software. Upcoming office hours run 10-11:45 a.m. every Wednesday at the Dovecote.

Changes to The Source–The Green is gone

A daily menu from the TrailRoom now replaces what was the classifieds section of The Source. The classifieds section was a link to The Green—a password protected space for faculty, staff, and students to share items for sale, services, housing, and job opportunities. New Media is currently seeking an alternative community board to replace The Green.

And then?

New Media has several projects planned for the website in 2016, including:

  • A refreshed design to improve the user experience;
  • Moving the website out of Watzek to the cloud to improve performance and sustainability; 
  • An improved Google-based search engine.


Please reach out to any member of the New Media team: Morgan Grether, Michael Mannheimer, or Lawrence Siulagi.