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Information Technology

Spring 2016 Classroom Updates - Fir Acres Campus

January 14, 2016

  • Classroom 2
    Classroom 2

As you return to class this spring, you may notice the following classroom upgrades/changes.

  • Emergency replacement computers were installed in most classrooms on the second floor of JR Howard. These new computers only work with OS X El Capitan. Kudos to our Institituional Operaations team for quickly upgrading the classroom image. We believe this will be seemless, but please let us know if you have questions or have feedback.
  • Screens in Miller 102. 103, 104 and Fields 207 were replaced for preventative maintenance. The new screens have a rectangle 16x9 format and the control button is slightly different.
  • The following classrooms no longer have VCRs available. If you wish to play a VHS tape in these rooms, you can check out a VCR with a specialized adapter from the IT Service Desk. 
Albany 207

Bio-Psych 104

Bio-Psych 004

Bio-Psych 005

Fields 104

Fir Acres Theater Black Box

Howard 244

Howard 255

Howard 258

Howard 259

Howard 260

Miller 305

Miller 319

Miller 414

Olin 102

Olin 306

Olin 309