March 08, 2016

Future Pioneers

Incoming members of the Class of 2020 share what attracted them to Lewis & Clark. 


Lewis & Clark students represent the next generation of global thinkers and leaders. No one student here is typical, so we asked seven future Pioneers who applied early decision to tell us their stories and share why they will be attending Lewis & Clark this fall. Welcome to the Class of 2020!

Shoshana Rybeck

Hometown: Olney, Maryland
Interests: Environmental Studies, International Affairs, and Political Science

Lewis & Clark embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest: discovery, appreciation, and connection. When I visited campus, my reaction was visceral. The students and faculty were fully present in a way that contrasted with the distracted qualities I experienced on other campuses. They seemed down to earth and dynamic. Each of my conversations confirmed L&C’s reputation for academic rigor and creativity. Most of all, the campus seemed focused on listening—to their surroundings and to each other—which is why I am so excited to go on one of the new student summer trips and explore with fellow Pioneers!

Ryan Hayes

Hometown: Pebble Beach, California
Interest: Chemistry

Over the summer I took a road trip up the West Coast with my dad, visiting several schools in the Pacific Northwest. Of the six or seven schools I visited, Lewis & Clark definitely stood out. The campus is gorgeous, and I’m able to study my major while exploring different fields that are completely unrelated. Also, the possibility of competing on the tennis team was a big part of my selection.


Pilar Karlin  

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas
Interests: Spanish, Business

The moment I stepped onto campus I knew that Lewis & Clark was the school for me. The passion for nature preservation, social justice, and discovery of the world expressed by the students I met—including my campus tour guide and my student host for the overnight stay—sold Lewis & Clark to me. I also felt the variety of study abroad programs and appreciation and focus on experiencing different cultures set L&C apart from the other schools I looked at.


Raz Rhoden​

Hometown: Dalton, Georgia
Interests: Politics, Business, Pre-Law

What set Lewis & Clark apart for me wasn’t just the scenic campus and the intimate college environment, though that was important. What I’m really looking forward to is enjoying a different culture from what I have experienced growing up in the deep South. I’m interested in social justice, and I look forward to meeting students from a diversity of backgrounds, learning from excellent professors, and just enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Victoria Hernandez

Hometown: Enumclaw, Washington
Interests: Economics, Pre-Law

I chose Lewis & Clark because of the open and friendly environment, the prestigious academics, and the chance to play volleyball under coach Stacie Matz-Gordon. She is the most energetic and honest coach I have met and she immediately caught my attention. Coach Stacie is the true reason why I am here today; all of the other things (great classes, campus, friends, etc.) are just a bonus.

Brock Petterson

Hometown: New York, New York
Interests: Literature, Art

I chose Lewis & Clark because of the sustainable campus and willingness to serve both the local community and beyond. I love that L&C has access to urban culture in Portland and also easy access to secluded wilderness. I’m excited to listen to new perspectives and be in a space in which I can share my own. While visiting campus I was greatly impressed by the beauty that surrounded me. I immediately felt comforted by the positive energy visible through smiling students. I look forward to becoming a part of the community, and possibly joining the College Outdoors club.


Alexa Hanson

Hometown: Alameda, California
Interests: Psychology, Neuroscience

Lewis & Clark instantly felt like the best fit for me. I visited campus twice, once for a quick tour and the other for an overnight visit. During the overnight visit, I was able to get an insider look at the school itself, and also see what student life is like on campus. I’m going to play on the soccer team next fall, and was hosted by several first-year soccer players, who took me to a volleyball game, Maggie’s Café, and on a tour of all the different residence halls. I was impressed by how easily welcomed I was by everyone, and the liveliness of the campus.

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