March 17, 2016

Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Schoonover

Jordan Schoonover ’14 is a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School. We recently asked her about her time here at Earthrise and how her experience shaped her career.

Why did you choose Lewis & Clark Law School?
Jordan Schoonover: I applied to Lewis & Clark because of the reputation of the environmental law program.  After I visited the campus, met some students (Liv Brumfield ’13 was my tour guide!), and received a scholarship offer, the decision to attend was an easy one!

Why were you interested in Earthrise? 
I was interested in Earthrise because I wanted to do some actual environmental lawyering.  Plus, when I was a 1L, I remember thinking that the Earthrise professors and the students in the clinic were really cool and that I wanted to be like them.

Favorite moment at Earthrise, educational or otherwise? 
Working on the VGP opening brief as the filing deadline loomed, though stressful, was very memorable and a bonding experience.  I learned a lot from the process of crafting the arguments, working with co-counsel, and formatting and filing the brief.  I look back on the experience fondly, knowing that we won the case!

Favorite place in the Pacific Northwest you visited while you were here?
I love the Opal Creek Wilderness in the Willamette National Forest!  I get really excited about trees and forest ecology, and the old-growth forest there almost moves me to tears.  Also, the creek is so pristine and beautiful.  It’s well worth a visit.  

What are you doing now?
I have been clerking since I graduated, first in the Eastern District of Washington and now on the Sixth Circuit in Nashville. 

How has your experience at Earthrise helped further your career goals?
Earthrise allowed me to gain valuable experience in environmental litigation while I was in law school.  I am hopeful that this experience will help me land an environmental law job when I finish my clerkship this fall!

Any advice for students about to enroll in Earthrise?
Take advantage of the opportunity to get a variety of experience.  I had done a great deal of Clean Air Act work before Earthrise and was very comfortable with that statute, but I chose to work on a couple of Clean Water Act matters.  I learned a lot about the CWA, and now I can tell potential employers that I’m well-versed in both statutes!