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Beware of an Email Phishing Tax Scam from “The Boss”

April 08, 2016

  • Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
    Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
A scam alert from the Oregon Department of Justice Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection Section: 

Everybody wants to please the boss! But, it is unlikely that your boss will ever ask for your personal tax information. As tax day approaches, protect yourself from a new imposter scam by looking out for phony emails claiming to be from your “boss”.

With tax season upon us, the Oregon Department of Justice has learned that scammers have started to send emails pretending to be your boss, a CEO or another top executive from your company and asking for your W-2 statements or other personal information. 

Oregonians should always be diligent about scam artists asking for your personal information, tax information or social security number. These emails often look like they are coming from the real email address of your boss. And, once you provide the scammer with your information, the scammer can file a fake tax return and get money belonging to you! The scam is that simple.

“When the boss emails you directly, we all have a natural inclination to get right on it. But, if you get an email out of the blue from anyone asking for tax information, you should make sure it is legitimate,” said Attorney General Rosenblum. “It’s important for us to keep an eye out for this sort of activity and report it as soon as possible.”

If you do receive an email that looks to be from a boss or manager asking for your personal information, make sure it is real before responding. You should contact your human resources department or supervisor right away. You can also hover over any links in the email to make sure it is from a legitimate source, and remember to always be hesitant before submitting any sensitive information over email.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, please contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Hotline at 503-229-5576 or file a complaint online at