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President announces Student Engagement Scholarship winners

April 15, 2016

President Barry Glassner has announced the winners of the President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement: Lewis & Clark sophomores Lani Felicitas, Jackson Thein, and Angelica True.

“I am impressed with how these students embody what the scholarship seeks to honor,” President Glassner said. “They demonstrate exemplary academic engagement in the liberal arts in a way that touches on and connects diverse parts of the liberal arts curriculum.” 

Upon receiving the award, Jackson Thein said, “Being awarded the President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement is one of the biggest honors that I have received during my time at Lewis & Clark. It is so encouraging as an emerging student to see my efforts recognized by President Glassner and the selection committee even during just my second year at the institution. This scholarship will allow me to continue to live out Lewis & Clark’s motto of exploring new disciplines, learning in my major, and working together with my peers and faculty while remaining committed to the college for years to come.”

“Receiving the President’s Scholarship for Student Engagement was something I never expected,” award recipient Angelica True said. “I am ecstatic and so grateful to be one of the recipients, not only because the additional aid will secure my position at Lewis & Clark, but also because it will allow me to study abroad in Ireland. This will be the first opportunity I have had to leave the United States and it would not have been possible without this award. I would like to thank the scholarship committee and Lewis & Clark for the wonderful educational opportunities I have been afforded.”

Launched in 2012, the student engagement scholarship provides $5,000 to students with sophomore standing for use in their junior year. It is renewable for the senior year based on continued excellence.

A committee made up of faculty emeriti reviewed the applications and advised President Glassner in selecting the awardees this year. The committee members were Professor Emeriti: Nicole Aas-Rouxparis, French; John F. Callahan, humanities; and Stuart Kaplan, communication.

The scholarship honors students for exemplary engagement with the liberal arts inside and outside the classroom. The award is meant to recognize students who are especially vigorous in their engagement with the full liberal arts experience and to encourage them in their continued devotion to that endeavor.