May 13, 2016

Award Winners

Lewis & Clark students and alumni receive prestigious awards and scholarships. 

  • Fulbright recipients Brandy Miller ’16, Emma Hoch-Schneider ’16, Scout Mills ’16, and Devon Streich ’16.

This spring, Lewis & Clark students and graduates have won a bevy of awards from prestigious organizations. So far these include the Fulbright Program (11), the National Science Foundation (4), and the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship (1)—the preeminent award for undergraduates in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

Lewis & Clark College has again been named one of the top producers of Fulbright Award winners in the country, according to the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Five newly-minted graduates and six young alumni will spend the next year overseas having earned one research fellowship and ten English Teaching Assistantships (ETAs). Over the last decade, Lewis & Clark students and alumni have earned more Fulbright U.S. honors than those of any other college or university in Oregon.

These accolades attest to the inspiring energy and intellect of our students, outstanding teaching and mentoring by our faculty, and the many ways our alumni advance knowledge. Below are a few of the award winners’ reflections.

Brandy Miller ’16—Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Belgium

Hometown: Santa Maria, California
Major: German Studies

“Lewis & Clark has provided me with a unique liberal arts education that has challenged me to think critically and act globally. My classes and experiences have pushed my understanding of our interconnected world even further, to where I see the promotion of multiculturalism and multilingualism as being vital to my being in this world as a student, teacher, and citizen.” 

Dale Forrister ’14—National Science Foundation Fellow

Hometown: Brattleboro, Vermont
Major: Biology

“I’ve always been curious about the way the world works, and growing up on a dirt road, surrounded by fields and woods gave me lots of opportunities to explore. Studying ecology and evolution have only fueled this desire and have helped me develop a unique perspective that lets me appreciate the details and hidden treasures found in the forest. My first fieldwork was done with Associate Professor Greta Binford, where we spent time collecting spiders and other arachnids on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Being exposed to such a unique and incredibly diverse forest had a huge impact on me and my desire to pursue sciences.” 

Eve Lowenstein ’17—Goldwater Scholarship

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mathematics

“Working with Assistant Professor of Biology Norma Velazquez Ulloa on my Goldwater Scholarship application was incredibly rewarding as she helped me narrow my extended experimental plan to a targeted hypothesis. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work and discover in Velazquez Ulloa’s lab.”

Krissy Lyon ’12—National Science Foundation Fellow

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Major: Biology

“I had shied away from science prior to Lewis & Clark because it had been presented to me in a way that seemed rigid and determinate. I thought, wrongly of course, there was no room for creativity in science. Lewis & Clark professors really shed a light on this and I learned that creativity is crucial for asking good scientific questions and finding novel ways to address problems.”

Devon Streich ’16—Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Germany

Hometown: Yakima, Washington
Major: German Studies

“I see teaching as a means to move people on a personal level, and to be moved as well. Teachers are in the unique position of being able to influence the development of their students, and if they can do this with patience, compassion, and understanding, then they can have a lasting positive impact.” 

Scout Mills ’16—Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Russia

Hometown: Indianola, Washington
Major: Student-Designed Russian Studies Major

“I am very passionate about the idea of cultural diplomacy and have found that when I go to Russia I’m not just there to write a travel blog and take pictures—I go there to experience a second home, to study, to work, and to connect with people. The only way cultural exchange works is if all parties dedicate themselves and show respect for one another, and that is why I chose to apply for a Fulbright.” 

Lily Jane Clarke ’15—Fulbright Research Scholarship in Nepal

Hometown: Swan Valley, Montana
Major: Biology

“Growing up in Swan Valley, I saw how intricately intertwined the lives of people are with local ecology. I believe that ecology and the effects it has on the local community, and vice versa, cannot be separated. My anthropology professor at Lewis & Clark, Kabir Heimsath, knew that Nepal would be a great place for me to mesh my interests. So, I wrote a proposal that encompasses how communities in Nepal utilize mushrooms and the local forest, and how this impacts the health of both the forest and the people.” 

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