Inspired by Appleton

Inspired by Appleton

I was inspired by your article about C.J. Appleton in the winter issue of the Chronicle.

I too was a junior transfer, nontraditional student after getting out of the Marine Corps at 24. I was 27 when I went to Lewis & Clark. I found my time at L&C to be transforming. One thing about returning to college as an older student is that you don’t take any moment for granted!

I am glad that Lewis & Clark sees the benefits of enrolling students with life experience. I think nontraditional students bring a richness to the classroom that more closely mirrors the workforce. I am proud that nontraditional students such as C.J. continue to excel and become involved across every part of the campus community. 

I also found my first job out of college through the Lewis & Clark mentor program. I hope that others find the L&C network to be as strong as I did.

Thanks for the great article. Go Pios!

Trevor Parker BA ’07, MAT ’08