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Habitat Enhancement Continues With Ivy Removal

June 06, 2016

Our habitat enhancement project continues this summer with ivy removal around the interior of campus including in the residential areas by the apartments, McAfee, Templeton parking and ravine, near Watzek, and in parking lot planting strips, as needed.

Removal methods vary by location but will include hand pulling or cutting, use of motorized equipment, and herbicide spraying.

Work will be completed June 8 through June 10, areas being treated will be signed accordingly. Once removal is complete, native plants will begin to regain ground in these areas and native species will be planted where needed.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Amy Dvorak at or 503-768-7794. Please also follow our progress on Twitter @DvorakAmy @Facilties13 or #LCivyout or on the project website.

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