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Payment Change for Travel booked through Travel Agencies

July 31, 2016

Over the next several months the Business Office will be looking at our travel policies and researching how different departments approve and book travel.  When all the information is gathered, we will work with the community to see if we can find ways to streamline your travel planning as well as reduce costs.  Watch for an institution-wide travel survey in September.

One change that will be implemented August 15 is the elimination of the Business Office purchasing card that is used at Nob Hill Travel and Prestige World Travel.  In order to ensure that departments are able to directly approve all travel expenses, both of these travel agencies will require that the traveler provide a purchase card number at time of booking.  

For individuals that rarely travel and don’t have need for a purchase card, the preferred approach is to book the travel with the department admin’s purchasing card.  If your department does not have a purchasing card, please sign up for one as soon as possible to ensure it is active prior to the August 15 change. If credit limit changes are required, the department manager should email Moira Domann at with the new credit limit request and dates if it is temporary.

Below are the links to the two necessary forms to order a new card and the cardholder handbook.

Purchasing Card Program Required application forms:

Purchase Card Application Form

Purchase Cardholder Agreement

Purchasing Card Program Handbook

​Please share this information with your department team and contact Moira Domann ( if you have any questions.

For more information:

Moira Domann
Purchasing Manager
(503) 768-7878