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9 Hiring Tips for Student Employee Supervisors

September 06, 2016

  • The Career Center identifies innovative strategies for connecting employers with Lewis & Clar...
    The Career Center identifies innovative strategies for connecting employers with Lewis & Clark students.

As we kick off another new school year, hundreds of students will seek on- and off-campus jobs during the next several weeks. 

Whether you are new to hiring student workers, or rehiring returning student workers, these tips from Student Employment Coordinator Heather DeLancett will help clarify the process.

1. Attend the Student Job Fair

The Office of Human Resources is hosting a Student Job Fair on Wednesday, September 7, from 1 to 3 p.m. in Stamm. There will be on- and off-campus employers available for students to discuss work-study and non-work study job opportunities.

2. Know when and where to find and post jobs

There are multiple on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities available for undergraduate (CAS), graduate, and law school students. Here is the link for posting to our Off-Campus Job Database for students. Early in the fall semester is the peak time for departments to hire student workers. To post jobs on campus, student hiring managers should post their position openings in PeopleAdmin.

3. Be up-to-date

Please make this L&C Student Supervisor Guide your first reference point for current information, including:

  • Guidelines for who can work
  • Budget information
  • Job posting and paperwork requirements
  • Regulations for breaks and meal times
  • Student payroll
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

4. Forms, forms, forms!

The Student Hiring Request and Stipend payment forms are located here. Direct Deposit, W-4, and I-9 forms are completed in Workday once the student is hired.

5. Invest the time to train students in a consistent manner

Please refer to this training checklist and these tips for supervising student employees.

6. Be clear about rights and responsibilities

Understand the student employee rights and responsibilities and your own supervisor rights and responsibilities.

7. Learn how to use Workday.

Tips for using Workday are available on the Human Resources website

8. Evaluate student employees and set goals

  • Meet individually with student employees weekly or monthly to talk about the job and review how the student thinks it is going. Use this time to review performance, discuss areas for improvement, plan future goals, and provide challenges
  • Give equal time to praise and criticism
  • Listen; find out what you can do to help the student achieve his or her goals
  • Set realistic goals and provide the necessary training
  • Reevaluate and set new goals on a regular basis
  • At the end of the job assignment, provide the student with an overview of their overall performance in the job, including attendance, attention to detail, productivity and customer service, as applicable

9. #wemakelc

Together we make our student employment program a rich and rewarding experience for our student employees, and student employees can proudly carry their new skills beyond Lewis & Clark and into the world.

This video titled, “#wemakelc” was created by Lucas Contino ’16 to “increase awareness around the depth and extent of student labor on campus.”