Geddes, Joann

Joann Geddes

Joann Geddes

Director of Academic English Studies

Years Served: 35

Path to Lewis & Clark:

My first invitation to teach at L&C came from the graduate school in the late 1970s. During three summers, I taught for them and for the Institute for the Study of American Language & Culture (ISALC). In 1981, a position in the ISALC opened up, and the rest is history.

What you’ve enjoyed most about your work:

There can be no doubt that interaction and collaboration with students and colleagues on campus and around the world has been not only very enjoyable, but rewarding and enriching as well.

Most memorable moment:

It’s impossible to have one most memorable moment during my almost four decades at L&C. All of my greatest memories relate to interactions with students, colleagues, and the greater L&C community. I am very grateful for each and every one of the opportunities I’ve had.

Favorite place on campus:

Wherever the students are—and maybe the outdoor tennis courts.

What you’ll miss:

Almost everything and everyone. Almost…

What you’re most proud of:

I’m proud to have taken part, along with my dedicated colleagues, in building and rebuilding (ISALC to AES) very strong intensive English programs that have prepared international students for future study in the U.S. and brought global perspectives and diversity to L&C. This gave us the opportunity to establish the Dallaire Scholarship 10 years ago. It has warmed my heart to have joined with extraordinarily generous students, faculty, staff, neighbors, family, and alumni in making this goal a reality and welcoming three other university intensive English programs to join us in this effort. I also have had the opportunity to propose and assist in establishing our first overseas program in Vietnam and one of the first in the Soviet Union way back when.

What’s next:

I sincerely look forward to weeding my garden, studying Arabic and other languages, and working to expand the Romeo Dallaire Scholarship for students from Rwanda and other East African countries.

I’ll also be leading my seventh overseas study program for L&C as a faculty emerita in 2016. I’ve had the great fortune to coordinate programs in Costa Rica, the former Soviet Union, Argentina/Chile, Kenya/Tanzania, Australia, Vietnam, and soon, Morocco. I’m sure that I’ll stay connected with our network of alumni and friends around the world.

Fun fact:

Like most of the students with whom I’ve worked, I speak English as a second language. My first language is French. I grew up in a French Canadian community in New Hampshire.