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Christensen, Peter

Peter Christensen

Professor of Rhetoric and Media Studies

Years Served: 31

Path to Lewis & Clark:

Twisted. After my BA at Dartmouth, I played in various rock bands until I decided to get serious. Not that music is unserious! Stanford PhD 1980, prof. at Penn State till 1985, moved west.

Favorite courses to teach:

Strangely, my research methods class.

Most memorable moment:

My convocation presentation of 2001, which included a great speech and a song I wrote that was performed by a band of alumni and faculty. Tremendous applause.

Favorite place on campus:

The rose garden.

What you’ll miss:

The view of Mount Hood from my office.

What you’re most proud of:

My 2001 convocation speech.

What’s next:

I’m not sure. Golf?

Fun fact:

I am a big weather geek.

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