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Free Parking Offer

December 05, 2016

  • Our new park-and-ride lot is at the Portland Christian Center, 5700 SW Dosch Rd, Portland, OR 972...
    Our new park-and-ride lot is at the Portland Christian Center, 5700 SW Dosch Rd, Portland, OR 97239. Permits for this lot are $10/month.

As of this fall, Lewis & Clark commuters have the option to park at Portland Christian Center for $10 per month and ride a free shuttle to campus.

And in January 2017, Transportation and Parking is offering a free month trial to give commuters a chance to check it out. If your vehicle is currently registered for a carpool pass or parking permit, your registration will terminate and you will pay no fees for the month of January. To sign up, please fill out this form by Thursday, January 12

Sign up for free month trial of L&C park-and-ride

The free shuttle offers a 15-minute ride to campus during commuting hours, with stops at the intersection of SW Capitol Hwy and SW Bertha Court, the law school, and the Huddleson Lane Trimet stop near campus gate #5. The park-and-ride lot is open to Lewis & Clark commuters from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. See the schedule for details.

5 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Park-and-Ride

Current shuttle riders offer these five simple reasons why the new lot is well worthwhile:

1. Save Yourself From Monthly Campus Parking Fees

“You’ll save serious money—which is great, of course,” Public Affairs and Communications Project Manager Janna Clark said. “But if you’re like me, you’ll find that the relief of not having to hunt day after day for a parking space is an even bigger benefit.”

Transportation and Parking Fees for 2017:

Permit Type


Park-and-ride lot


Trimet bus pass


Carpool pass

(cost shared by minimum of two commuters)




Parking permit




Daily parking permit


Evening parking permit


2. Zero Parking Stress

“I live in SW Portland and the park-and-ride lot is on my regular commute route,” Transportation and Parking Program Manager Marilyn Sbardellati said. “It added only ten minutes to my commute and I always know I have a parking space. It also gives me time to destress before I start my work day.”


3. Peace of Mind

“Riding the park-and-ride shuttle is a great way to commute because instead of driving in traffic and searching for parking, I get to relax with my book or the morning news and be delivered right to Templeton,” College Outdoors Operations Manager Kori Ault said. “The driver is great, and he has even waited an extra minute for me at the end of the day when he knows my car is still in the lot!”


4. Help to Reduce the Difficulties in Our Constrained Parking System 

“You could say this is my way of giving back to our community by freeing up a parking spot for those who have no other choice but to park their car here,” Assistant Director of Facilities Support Services Jay Jording said. “My commute is more or less the same so it’s less of an issue of convenience for me, and more of a pay-it-forward.”

“Someone else takes on the job of negotiating the traffic to and from campus, and I get to feel good about contributing to a solution rather than to a problem,” Janna Clark added.  

5. Enjoy the Built-in Safety Nets

“I like the fact that park-and-ride permit holders get one free Trimet ticket book,” Stewardship Coordinator Meghan Acker said. “This is an important part of the whole package because if you miss the shuttle or need to access the lot outside of the commuter shuttle hours, it is accessible via Trimet.”

 “There is also an emergency ride home program in the event of an emergency,” added Marilyn Sbardellati. “Park-and-ride lot permit holders may simply call a cab to reach the lot or your final destination and provide Transportation and Parking with the receipt and any relevant information for reimbursement.”