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Weekly Wellness - Shop the FSA Store

January 08, 2017

If you have a healthcare flexible spending account with a remaining balance, check out the new

FSA Store


(which can also be found on the Allegiance website)


You can purchase a wide variety of pre-approved FSA-eligible merchandise from vitamins to glasses and even extensive first aid kits (could be a great addition to your emergency planning).

  • Use your FSA debit card and you will not be required to submit any after-the-fact substantiation.
  • If you pay with your personal card, you will have to submit your receipt to Allegiance for easy reimbursement. 


**Important to remember - $500 of your unused FSA money will roll over into the next plan year on April 1st, but anything over $500 will be lost, which makes this shopping opportunity a great solution.**


P.S.  An introductory $10.00 off FSA Store coupon is available to all participants under the “Account Summary” tab in your online Allegiance account. 


- - - 

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