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Required Commute Survey for Faculty and Staff

February 02, 2017

Dear faculty and staff:

We need your participation in a one-minute commuting survey conducted by Tri-Met. 

This survey is required by our Conditional Use Master Plan with the City of Portland and measures our progress in reducing single occupancy vehicle trips to campus by faculty and staff.  

It is very important that we receive everyone’s response, including those who bike or walk to work, in order to meet this requirement.

The survey will ask you for your name and LC ID (either number or user name).  This information is only used to verify who has responded and will not be matched to the survey information. People who have not responded will be sent reminders until the survey is complete.

Please take a minute and follow the steps below to complete your survey:

1. Click on the following link to open up the survey webpage:

2. Enter the following login information exactly as shown (case sensitive). 

Company:  LClark 2017   
Site:          LClark           
Password:   2017

3. Follow the instructions to fill out your survey, including your home zip code at the end, and then click “Submit” once to complete the survey.
4. Special Note to Lewis & Clark Shuttle Riders:

If you ride the shuttle to and from campus, enter that as if you carpool to campus. For the number of carpoolers, enter the maximum number in the survey. Also use carpool if you park at the Transit lot and take the shuttle to campus.

The deadline for completing the survey is February 17, 2017.  

Thank you for your time and take care,

Denise King, Assistant Director of Budget and Planning