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Sesquicentennial-ize It!

September 05, 2017

The sesquicentennial is upon us! Throughout the 2017–18 academic year, our community will be celebrating 150 years of Lewis & Clark.

PubCom created a sesquicentennial logo to celebrate and honor this moment in our history. The logo was unveiled at last February’s Founders Day party, and hopefully you have noticed it on festive banners around campus. There are, in fact, two versions of the sesquicentennial logo: a simpler version, which works best in small or visually busy spaces, and a more elaborate version informally known as the party mark. Both marks work well in black and orange, or in white on a black or orange background.

Our intent is that both versions of the mark get wide use. In PubCom, we will be adding it to the print and digital materials that we create throughout the year, and we hope you will, too. If you would like to add the sesquicentennial logo to programs, posters, or other materials, please let Stacey Kim, Amy Drill, or Caitlin Peel know and we can share a Google Drive folder that contains a brief usage guide and downloadable versions of both marks. We are always happy to advise on use, too; if you want our opinions, just ask.

For those of you who order and use college letterhead and other stationery products, we have added the 150 mark to CAS stationery for this academic year. All CAS and institutional stationery—including letterhead, panel cards, and A2 notecards—that you order from now through late spring will include the mark. Plan to place stationery orders as you normally do and use the 150 versions as long as you have them on hand; the logo was designed to be timeless.

Happy 150, Lewis & Clark!