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Fifty-Nine Staff Recognized for Service to Lewis & Clark

January 22, 2018

  • Photo includes some of the employees honored with 20 or more years of service. From left to right: Robert Truman, Donald Anderegg, Stephen Attinasi, Kurt Armstrong, Brian White, Joyce Beeny, Sandi Bottemiller, and Sharon Chinn.

This year’s staff recognition lunch was held on Friday, January 19, and honored 59 staff members for their years of service and dedication to Lewis & Clark. 

To celebrate those who serve more than 15 years, each honorees’ supervisor takes the microphone to briefly comment on their employee’s tenure.

Highlights from the event include compliments to Senior Development Officer Rebecca Holt for her “can-do spirit;” to Legal Specialist III Lisa Frenz for “devoting herself to L&C workers;” to Cooley House Property Manager Jeff Becker for his “great care and commitment;” and to Director of Educational Career, Licensing, and Accreditation Service Sharon Chinn for her “grace, modesty, and integrity.”

We also learned Science Shop and Physics Lab Supervisor Stephen Attinasi “keeps alive the art of making and fixing things;” Associate Dean and Director of International Student Services Brian White “challenges our international students to get to know us and be a part of this community;” and that Assistant Director of Law Admissions Don Balsiger fosters rescued St. Bernards–even though they scare his cat.”

Assistant Dean of Law Finance and Administration David Carter brought an acoustic guitar and belted out an original ode to Law Facilities Manager Kurt Armstrong. Lyrics included: “Kurt is the kind of man / That we all strive to be / We all feel so lucky / That he’s a part of LC.”

But the spotlight of the afternoon was stolen by two women, each being recognized for 40 years at Lewis & Clark.

“We are a rotating cast of characters, but Joyce Beeny has been the showrunner for 40 years,” Associate Professor and Department Chair of Theatre Stephen Weeks said. “Alums come back and the first person they look for is Joyce–and are surprised she is still here!”

Dean Anna Gonzalez honored Director Housing and Orientation Sandi Bottemiller with her top ten reasons why Sandi is wonderful:

10. Sandi was eight years old when she started working here.

9. It’s in her blood–her father was the registrar here.

8. She’s consistent! (Anna always knows what Sandi’s having for lunch.)

7. She’s an incredible mentor.

6. She’s creative (and was somehow able to create 108% residence hall occupancy for the recent “class-zilla” without asking students to live in tents and yurts).

5. She puts the glamour in “glamping.”

4. She’ll do anything for L&C (even volunteer for a dunk tank).

3. She does three jobs! She oversees all aspects of Campus Living, including housing assignments, facilities improvements, and more.  She also coordinates New Student Orientation and Parents Preview each August.

2. She has a wonderful husband, kids, and grandkids.

1. We can always depend on her!

This video captures Bottemiller’s dedication to Lewis & Clark with a collage of photos from the past.

The staff recognition luncheon celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to following honorees:

Two honored for 40 years of service: Joyce Beeny, administrative coordinator, Theatre; and Sandi Bottemiller, director, Housing and Orientation.

One honored for 35 years of service: Kurt Armstrong, manager, Law Facilities Services. 

Two honored for 25 years of service: Stephen Attinasi, supervisor, Science Shop and Physics Lab; and Sharon Chinn, director, Educational Career, Licensing and Accreditation Service.

Four honored for 20 years of service: Donald Anderegg, carpenter, Facilities Services; Jeremy McWilliams, digital services coordinator, Watzek Library; Robert Truman, interim associate dean; Boley Law Library; and Brian White, associate dean/director, International Student Services.

Nine honored for 15 years of service: Don Balsiger, assistant director of admissions, Law Admissions; Jeffrey Becker, Cooley House property manager, Facilities Services; Janice Carter, operations manager, Facilities Services; Kelly DelFatti, director, Sponsored Research; Adonica DeVault, associate director, Career Center; Lisa Frenz, legal specialist III, Dean of Law Faculty; Rebecca Holt, senior development officer, Institutional Advancement; Marilyn Sbardellati, manager, Transportation and Parking; and Michael Waddell, assistant treasurer/accountant, Office of Business and Finance.

Twenty one honored for 10 years of service: Monica Baker, associate athletic director for external relations, Physical Education and Athletics; James Bunnelle, acquisitions and collection development librarian, Watzek Library; Carma Corcoran, summer school coordinator, Indian Law Program; Chris Fantz, head swim coach and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Judy Gibson, dispatcher, Campus Safety; Morgan Grether, director of new media, Public Affairs and Communications; John Hancock, associate dean, director and chief psychologist, Counseling Center; Tamara Ko, program director and executive assistant, CAS Dean of Students; Thomas Lehman, assistant director/logistics manager, College Outdoors; Andrew McPheeters, associate dean of alumni, students, and parent engagement, Alumni and Parent Programs; Esme Miller, assistant director, Office of Research and Assessment; Nicholas Mobley, officer, Campus Safety; Shari Nilsson, executive assistant, Legal Research Center; Gabriel Parque, technical supervisor, Art; Matthew Robins, technical director, Theatre; Jill Severson, circulation attendant, Watzek Library; Sharon Sexton, associate director and senior woman administrator, Physical Education and Athletics; Philip Shaw, officer, Campus Safety; Molly Taylor, admissions clerk, Law Admissions; Aaron Whiteford, associate vice president and director of development, Institutional Advancement; and Maxwell Williams, lead groundskeeper, Facilities Services.

Twenty honored for five years of service: Marrissa Behringer, marketing coordinator, Center for Community Engagement; Melinda Brooks, psychologist, Counseling Center; Adam Buchwald, associate vice president and chief information officer, Information Technology; Mari Cheney, head of research services, Boley Law Library; Ronna Craig, legal specialist II, Dean of Law Faculty; Natasha Dolezal, director of international animal law program and deputy director, Center for Animal Law Studies; Anna Gonzalez, Dean of Students; Caitlin Hansen, degree audit and transfer credit specialist II, CAS Registrar’s Office; Lindsay Kadish, director of operations and program administration, Center for Animal Law Studies; Beck Monteith, accounts payable specialist, Office of Business and Finance; Ayshia Moua, administrative coordinator, Counseling Psychology; Sarah Petersen, assistant dean for career and professional development, Law Alumni Relations; Natasha Richmond, assistant director, Law Admissions; Zachariah Selley, associate head of special collections and college archivist, Watzek Library; Kathy Tymoczko, senior developer/analyst, Information Technology; Alyssa Warren, career and professional development program coordinator, Law Career Services; Pam Wassmer, administrative specialist I, Human Resources; and Rochelle Zirdum, placement coordinator, Strategic Partnerships and Clinical Placement.