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Dr. Bostian Receives Second Fulbright Scholar Award

January 24, 2018

Associate Professor of Economics Moriah Bostian has been awarded a Fulbright Core Scholar Award for 2018-19. This prestigious Teaching/Research grant will allow Dr. Bostian to spend six months of her upcoming post-tenure sabbatical at the Umeå University Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE) in Sweden, extending her recent work in the areas of environmental policy and economic productivity to forest bioenergy production. Dr. Bostian’s research project, “Forests for the future: Achieving Sweden’s forest bioenergy production goals through the use of bi-level optimization methods”, will involve collaborating with Dr. Tommy Lundgren, Professor of Economics at CERE and a 2017 Nordea Scientific Prize awardee. This proposed project will build upon their earlier collaboration to help address energy policy goals in Sweden—including increasing energy from forest fuel sources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and preserving forest and energy sector employment. Further drawing on her expertise in the areas of Productivity Analysis and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Dr. Bostian will develop and teach a new graduate seminar course at CERE called Productivity and the Environment. It is notable that this is Dr. Bostian’s second Fulbright teaching/research award; she is a 2014-15 alumnus of the Finland Fulbright program, where she spent her pre-tenure sabbatical at the University of Turku’s School of Economics. More information about Dr. Bostian’s scholarship is available here.

January 2018

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Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance Office (SPARC)

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