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January 30, 2018

  • Campus Market was a free sharing platform—similar to Craigslist—available to anyone with an "" login.
To all the users of Lewis & Clark’s Campus Market, we are sad to say it’s gone now.

This month,—a free sharing platform adopted by Lewis & Clark during spring semester of 2017—appears to have expired with no explanation for the website’s disappearance. 

Brad Stinson, Campus Market founder and Duke University alumnus, is unreachable. When asked about Campus Market, the Duke Alumni Association responded: “Unfortunately, we have no more of an idea of what has happened at this point than you do.”

“It’s disappointing for our campus sustainability efforts,” Senior Director of Sustainability and Communications Amy Dvorak said. “We will still host the Green Move Out for students and the Lewis & Clark Kids and Family Toy and Clothes swap for faculty and staff, but it’s ultimately better to have an ongoing opportunity for donation and reuse to help reduce our carbon footprint.” 

Looking forward, the Office of Public Affairs and Communications will renew its efforts to either discover an existing sharing platform or create our own version for our campus.