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Kathy Faust Retires After Nearly 40 Years at the Boley Law Library

February 28, 2018

  • President Wim Wiewel, Dean Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Director Kathy Faust, Interim Director Rob...
    President Wim Wiewel, Dean Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Director Kathy Faust, Interim Director Robert Truman (left to right)
    Mari Cheney

We are happy/sad to announce that Katherine Faust, Assistant Director for Technical Services and preeminent legal cataloger, is retiring after nearly 40 years at the Paul L. Boley Law Library.

Kathy is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College, ’74. She received her M.A. in Library Science in 1975 from the University of Wisconsin. In 1976 Kathy entered her first post-graduate library position at Illinois State University.

Kathy began her tenure at the Boley Law Library in 1978, long before there was an online catalog or a Wood Hall. Under her leadership and guidance the law library saw a number of significant accomplishments, including:

  • the digitization of the catalog and the implementation of an integrated library system
  • joining the union catalog and consortium now known as the ORBIS Cascade Alliance
  • the expansion of the library’s collection to the 500,000 volume milestone
  • the founding of the Nycum Rare Book Collection
  • creation of world-class specialized collections in Environmental Law, Natural Resources Law, Indian Law, Estates & Trusts, Tax, Crime Victims, and Animal Law
  • transition to the Ex Libris unified library services platform
  • leadership on a number of vital initiatives with regional and national cataloging and library technical services groups.

This list does not do full justice to all that Kathy Faust accomplished in her four decades at the law library. Generations of law students, faculty, staff, attorneys, and members of the community have relied on the work of Kathy and her team in order to research the law within the expansive print and digital collections of the Boley Law Library.

As Kathy said at the reception honoring her 35 years of working in the law library:

“I found my dream job here—a job that’s been challenging and rewarding. I also found a group of people I liked working with, including previous library director, Peter Nycum, who respected and trusted me enough that he didn’t involve himself too much in what I did. I’ve also been lucky enough to work in a very scenic spot. My current office is at tree-top level and I get to watch a variety of birds eating their way up and down the trees that practically touch my window.”

We were lucky to find a dream colleague in Kathy Faust. All of us at the Boley Law Library wish her the best on a well-deserved retirement.

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