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Professor launches first academic journal on ecopsychology

May 13, 2009

Thomas Doherty, professor of counseling psychology:

In April, the premier issue of Ecopsychology was launched online. Doherty, editor-in-chief, believes this online journal will offer psychological solutions through the use of ecological psychotherapy.  “Ecopsychology will raise provocative questions about consciousness, identity, health, and ethical living,” he said. “The role of the journal is to foreground these questions and create a space for dialog.”

Ecopsychology places psychology and mental health disciplines in an ecological context and recognizes the links between human health, culture, and the health of the planet. With its groundbreaking and diverse collaboration of psychotherapists, social science researchers and contributors from other environmental-related fields, Ecopsychology is the only peer-reviewed journal of its kind.

Doherty developed the ecopsychology studies program at Lewis & Clark and runs his own private practice.

Read an interview in The Oregonian featuring Doherty discussing ecopsychology.

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