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Adding and Editing a File

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Files” tab. 

If you are adding a files, click “Add a New File”, otherwise find the file you wish to edit and click it. (If you wish to add multiple downloads at once, click “Bulk Add Files”, however this may require that you go back and edit the newly added downloads once they’ve been created.)

Whether adding or editing a file:

Fill out the form with the relevant information for your file.

  • Enter the title of the file.
  • Enter a brief summary describing the file.
  • Under the section labeled “Add a file”, choose a file to upload. If you are editing an existing file, choosing a file here can be used to replace the existing file with a new version.
  • Tag the file with any relevant tags. You can click in the field labeled “Tag this story” and type a keyword; tags will be suggested to you. If you are unsure what tags are available in your group, click “Show all tags” to display them all and select the relevant ones.
  • Scroll back up and find the status menu at the top righthand corner of the screen. Choose the status for this file. “Live” will publish the file immediately. “Hidden” will hide it from the web site until you are ready to publish it.

When done, click the “Save this file” button.

If your file is especially important and you wish to flag it as such on your web site, click the star in the section labeled “Star this item”.

If you are editing an existing file, you will also see a “Delete” link next to the status, allowing you to delete this file. (See “Deleting a file” for more information.)

If you are editing an existing file, you will also see a “Direct link to this file” link beneath the status, allowing you to link directly to this file.

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