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Weekly Wellness - Paid Time Off

September 24, 2018

Your paid time off is an important part of your benefit package and your work/life balance. We all recognize the value of time away from work for the purposes of rest, relaxation, or personal emergencies.

How much time off do I get?

Follow the links below to see how time off is accrued for salary and hourly positions.

How can I see my time off?

Log into Workday to see your time off balance. You can either see your current time off or your future balances, both ways are explained in this View Time Off Balances guide.

How can I request time off or make a correction?

Making sure that your time off balances are correctly requested, updated, and approved is important. This Manage Time Off guide walks you through the steps to make sure your record is up to date.

How much did Lewis & Clark College pay towards my time off in the last 12 months?

Great question! Check out your live Total Rewards Statement by logging into Workday, clicking the Pay icon, then choosing Total Rewards under the View column. Here you can see the total amount Lewis & Clark has paid for your employment in the past 12 months. Your paid vacation and sick accumulations are shown in the top Pay box.

How do I donate sick time to our sharing program?

Our Sick Leave Sharing Program allows for exempt and non-exempt employees to donate to a bank of hours for use by a non-exempt recipient.

  • Guidelines for donation:
    • You must be employed for at least one year in order to be eligible to donate time.
    • You may donate a maximum of five (5) days of sick leave in any 12 month period, but must retain a balance of at least ten (10) days in your bank after donation.
    • Donations are made through Workday. Simply go to Time Off/Request Time Off, select the number of days on the calendar, and complete the request, using “Donor Sick Leave Sharing Program as the “Type”.
  • Recipient request for the use of sick leave hours.
What do I do if I need extended time off for a medical event for myself or a family member?

If you are experiencing an event that requires significant time off (either continuous or intermittent), please contact Kris Codron, your leave administrator, by email or phone 503-768-6237.


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