November 12, 2018

Equitable Hiring Practices Series

The offices of Human Resources and Equity and Inclusion are pleased to present an ongoing “equitable hiring practices” series.

The offices of Human Resources and Equity and Inclusion are pleased to present an ongoing “equitable hiring practices” series.

This series will be offered regularly - Unconscious Bias and Successful Hiring Practices workshops monthly, and the Pre-Hire workshop every other month. Events will be scheduled a semester at at time to provide options for faculty and staff to attend based on their schedules. Please note that a minimum of 5 attendees is required for a workshop to be held. Cookies and tea will be provided at all events. Sessions held over the lunch hour are considered working sessions and attendees are encourage to bring their lunch.

Unconscious Bias

This workshop will discuss unconscious and implicit bias in depth. It will raise personal awareness of biases, discuss where biases come from, and discuss how to work to address biases. This is a monthly training open to all staff and faculty.

Please note that this workshop, along with the “Successful Hiring Practices” workshop, is a pre-requisite for serving on a search committee.

Pre-Hiring (for hiring managers only)

This workshop will discuss best practices for hiring manager, including determining the need for a position, PDQ creation, how pay is determined, the recruiting process, and how to expand outreach to increase diversity in the candidate pool.

This session is for hiring managers only, either those who anticipate hiring soon or who want more information about the process.

Successful Hiring Practices

This workshop will discuss how to have a successful hiring process. It is required (along with the Unconscious Bias workshop) for all those serving on a search committee and is encouraged for anyone who wishes to serve on a search committee in the future. This is a monthly workshop open to all staff and faculty.

We are excited to provide a collaborative program that offers professional development opportunities to staff and faculty. We look forward to seeing you there!