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Professor pens editorial on pending climate change legislation

April 10, 2009

Rob Kugler, Paul S. Wright Professor of Christian Studies:

Kugler, chair of the Religious Studies Department, published an editorial that highlights his concerns for leaving future generations a livable planet. In addition to his role as professor, Kugler serves as the coordinator for Lewis & Clark’s participation in the National Teach-In on Global Warming, a day-long event involving tens of thousands of college students nationwide who engage with faculty and public leaders in dialogue about public policy solutions to stem the rise in the earth’s temperature.

He frames his argument through a biblical lens: “Jesus, a fairly sharp observer of human nature, argued that parents, when their children ask for bread, are unlikely to give stone instead (Matt 7:9). Tragically, Jesus’ confidence in us is in doubt. Although our children would ask for bread — a future free of the consequences of human-caused climate change — our actions so far have assured them only stone.”

Kugler teaches courses on Jewish and Christian origins, including courses on both the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and New Testament. His special area of research deals with the interface between the sociohistorical contexts of early Judaism and Christianity and the religions’ interpretation of their received texts and traditions. Kugler was named Professor of the Year by Lewis & Clark students in 2007.

The Oregonian Bread, not stone


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