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Jews and tattoos: Elyssa Hurwitz weighs in for Hillel International

October 11, 2018

  • Elyssa Hurwtiz

Elyssa Hurwitz from PDX Hillel and the Lewis & Clark Office of Spiritual Life was recently quoted in an article in Hillel International.  In the article Hurwitz says that she doesn’t see any conflict with her Jewish faith and getting a tattoo.  Instead, she reports that she is reminded of her personal connection to Judaism when she glances at the Hebrew crossword puzzle inked onto her left wrist and the colorful chamsah on her upper left arm. “I just think God’s going to be excited to see all of my tattoos,” Hurwitz said.  You can find the entire article at the following link:—blog/news-and-views/2018/10/04/jews-with-tattoos

Chamsah tattoo on Elyssa's arm

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