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October 25th

October 25, 2018

Major Construction and Installation Work Coming Up!

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, the construction team began to bring in heavy equipment to place the fabricated bridge and roof into position. The project plan and schedule have been designed to minimize disruptions to campus life and maximize project safety. Please obey all signage, stay away from the work area, and do your best to be patient and flexible during this critical phase of the bridge’s construction. Community members interested in viewing the work will have access to a viewing area, which is the service path north of the ravine.

Last week we finished building CLT roofing panels for the north side of the bridge and began installing the first layer of roof protection. Additional rock is being placed at northwest crane outrigger to allow for extra padding between the north H20 line and crane outrigger. SCS Fencing fenced in the entire perimeter on both sides for crane/safety and protection.

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