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Spiritual Life

Spiritual and Religious Inclusive Practices Staff Workshop held on Oct. 18th

November 12, 2018

  • Hilary Martin Himan and Mark Duntley facilitated the spiritual and religious identities inclusive practices workshop on October 18th

Gregg Pavilion

Over 30 staff from the undergraduate college, graduate school and law school attended a workshop focused on identifying ways to help make Lewis & Clark more spiritually welcoming and affirming for our students.  Along with information about the spiritual and religious identities and diversity of students at Lewis & Clark, facilitators Hilary Martin Himan and Mark Duntley engaged participants in discussions about the opportunities and challenges that the diverse spiritual and religious identities of our students bring to our community.  The workshop focused on providing participants with some practical ideas and resources for supporting our students.  

After the session, participants were invited to share some of their thoughts about the workshop.  One participant wrote that “There were staff… there from all over campus. Thus, I sense that more people on campus than I expected actually care about this stuff. That’s a tremendous resource - a caring community.” Another staff person remarked that the presence of “Diverse [spiritual and religious] identities can offer fresh perspectives on a number of issues.”  In terms of the challenges faced by spiritual and religious students on our campus, one staff member noted that “biases can show up in harmful ways,” and another thought that obtaining skills on how to conduct and mediate “safe and respectful dialogues among those of differing spiritual beliefs” might be a useful follow-up workshop.  

Co-sponsored by the Office of Spiritual Life and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the workshop provided pre-workshop readings, an opportunity for small group discussion among the staff members who attended, and a resource sheet for participants.  The one-hour workshop was held in the Gregg Pavilion and offered participants a complimentary lunch.  

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