November 26, 2018

Full Moon Meditations Resonate with Students

New meditation offering by the Office of Spiritual Life is popular with Lewis & Clark students

The Office of Spiritual Life has provided students with a new opportunity for meditation over the past two semesters.  This fall these “Full Moon Meditations” took place twice, coinciding with the Harvest Moon in September and the Hunter’s Moon in October.  

About 20 students attended each meditation session, led by recent Lewis & Clark alumnus Miles French (’18).  Miles was actively involved in spiritual life during his four years at Lewis & Clark, and served as the student leader of Common Ground, the earth-based spirituality group on campus. 

Gathering at the south campus chapel, the full moon meditations have focused on the energies of the moon, described by Miles as “deep, yin, psychic, watery power, that can tap us into the intuitive, the feminine, and the deeper self.”  The moon brings about cycles of change on earth, and these changes are also celebrated at the full moon meditations.

The full moon meditations have also served as a time for participants to celebrate community together and to acknowledge the changes that are going on in the lives of those who are gathered together.  These meditation sessions conclude with a friendly ritual of snacks enjoyed together in good company.

The upcoming full moon meditations for spring semester are scheduled for February 19th and April 19th.  Please contact Jeanne Lilly ( for more information.